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Joe Morgan-Payler


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  Bonsai Society Victoria

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I have been around bonsai since 1999 and I am a members of both the Bonsai Society of Victoria and Bonsai Northwest Inc. In that time, bonsai has become a large part of my life.

I have spent my time in bonsai learning from the many knowledgeable people in the Victorian scene and have benefited greatly from the visits from Hirotoshi Saito. More recently I mad the jump and studied in Japan under Mr. Urushibata where my passion for bonsai and its related techniques grew exponentially.

I hope that through joining the national register I am able to share some of the techniques and knowledge that I was lucky enough to be exposed to with the wider Australian bonsai community.

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Special Subjects

Pines/conifers; deciduous species; all types of grafting; styling and heavy bending. Joe also enjoys both styling bonsai stock and particularly re-styling and refining existing bonsai.

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0404 219 169

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0404 219 169