Hugh Grant


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Hugh Grant


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  Bonsai Society of The Central Coast Inc.

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  Demonstrations, workshops and lectures

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  All levels

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For a number of years now I have been involved in Bonsai, growing as a practitioner and an artist. Bonsai for me has developed into a lifestyle and continues to ever more so envelop my time. Much of my learning has been an accumulation of personal study, group involvement and working to make better bonsai with a close group of other passionate bonsai people. I have had great opportunities to meet and work with many national and international faces in bonsai. I have been an active member of my local club for a number of years. I operate a business under the name Bonsai Etosü in which I teach and mentor all over the country as well as service some high quality private collections.


Special Subjects

Conifers, particularly design and horticulture of Junipers

Refinement of bonsai for exhibition

Design fundamentals and practice with yamadori native material

Design from raw stock.


Fees: By Negotiation

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0429 195 514

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0429 195 514