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Don DeLuca


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  Bendigo Bonsai Club Inc

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I began in 1987. Attended workshops with Lee Wilson, Lindsay Bebb, Hiro Saito, Grant Bowie, and Kevin Willson. Had many private lessons with Grant Bowie, Ric Roberts, Noel Summerel, and Kevin Willson (UK). I've run a Bonsai Nursery for 18
years and specialized in field growing for 8 years. I've been fortunate enough to travel both in Australia and overseas to study Bonsai and be taught techniques by some of the most competent people. As is the case with most Bonsai people you get to meet
and become friends with all the big names in our Art and because of this the techniques get shared around quickly. Having thousands of trees to experiment on has allowed me to learn and continue to learn to this day. Current demonstration
experiences include, Griffith Bonsai Club, Bonsai Northwest Inc., and Bendigo Bonsai Club Inc.


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Styling, wiring and propogation. I have a reasonable understanding of Japanese Black Pine, Ash, Parrotia, Jade and Maples but can work on most varieties.

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0432 513 318

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